Customer Service on Hilo: 808-969-6999
on Kona: 808-329-3584, on Waimea: 808-885-4605

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Customer Service Inquiry Phone Number Link
Credit Card Payments
Electrical Service Upgrades Hilo: 808-969-0311
Kona: 808-327-0500
Energy Saving Tips Energy Saving Toolkit
New Home Construction Hilo: 808-969-0311
Kona: 808-327-0510
Property Damage/Claims 808-969-0279

*3rd party processing fee applies

Power Outages 808-969-6666


Employment Inquiry Phone Number Link
Human Resources Service Center 808-969-0287 Visit Our Careers Page
Jobs Hotline 808-969-0275

Other Inquiries

Inquiry Phone Number Link
Electric Vehicles 808-543-GoEV (4638)
Energy Efficiency Rebates
(Hawaii Energy)
Distributed Energy Resources 808-969-0358
Solar Water Heating
(Hawaii Energy)
Tree Trimming 808-969-6666
Pipeline and digging call center 1-866-423-7287 or 811