Frequently Asked Questions

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How can customers participate?

  • Schedule a Fast DR presentation, a Preliminary Audit and/or Technical Audit
  • Assist Hawaiian Electric in performing the Preliminary Audit and/or Technical Audit
  • Review audit findings and decide if program benefits are worthwhile
  • Develop demand response load reduction schemas to be implemented
  • Determine equipment, software requirements, and upgrades
  • Sign Fast DR agreement with Hawaiian Electric
  • Arrange for installation of load reduction equipment, enablement, testing, and commissioning
  • Begin collecting monthly participation incentives

Why is Fast DR important?

As the Hawaiian Electric Companies move toward a grid comprised of higher levels of as-available intermittent renewable generation (PV, Wind), a Fast DR program can provide an additional resource to reduce demand until additional generating units are brought online. Conversely, a Fast DR program can provide load reduction to temporarily postpone the need to bring generating units online, helping to reduce overall energy costs to customers.

Fast DR may be able to "bridge" the time required to startup a generating unit, which would be needed to compensate for the fluctuation in the energy supplied by intermittent renewable resources. A need for this 10-minute bridge resource is particularly valuable at times when the power grid experiences a sustained ramp down of intermittent wind generation.

Why should your business or organization participate?

  • Manage energy costs
  • Help ensure reliable electric service
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