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Frequently Asked Questions

If you move to a location that was not selected for the pilot, then you will need to sign up for that location if you still wish to be on the Shift and Save program. Any location (or premise) that was identified for the pilot will default to the new Shift and Save rate as customers move in and out. A customer will have to decline participation for the selected pilot location. This means that if a customer previously declined participation but moved out then the new customer moving in will default to the Shift and Save pilot rate and will need to decline participation if they do not want to be in the pilot program.

It’s best to use the rate comparison tool in the My Energy Use portal to see if the Shift and Save pilot program may be beneficial to you. It really depends on your usage during the three different time periods.

That has yet to be determined by the Public Utilities Commission and is something that the results from the pilot will help to inform.