Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions

The Customer Interconnection Tool (CIT) is an online platform for customers and/or contractors to submit applications for our Customer Self Supply and future programs.

Currently Hawaiian Electric receives applications in hardcopy form with printed attachments, and the application process is a little different for all islands. The new tool allows applicants to submit all of their information, including electronic documents, online. They also have the ability to see how their application is progressing through the process and to receive regular status updates as various timelines are met. It will also allow greater functionality for the Distributed Energy Resources team responsible for processing applications in a timely manner.

This tool, and its functionality, came about from industry feedback – customers and contractors who asked for a simpler, consistent applications process – and from employees at Hawaiian Electric who are responsible for reviewing the applications.

The online tool streamlines the overall application process by allowing for convenient electronic submission of information and documents. Applicants are prompted to provide required documentation, reducing the potential of delay associated with simple errors of omission. It is not uncommon for applicants to overlook certain information required to process the application. Applicants (both customers and contractors) also have greater visibility into the overall process with regular access to log-in and see the current status of the application.