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COVID-19 Updates

Customer Resources

Customer Service Options

Woman using Online Customer Service Center with laptop

As part of our response to the COVID-19 situation and as we increase our efforts for social distancing, we urge customers to enroll for online services at our Online Customer Service Center or through our mobile app. That way, you can submit customer service requests for the following: start, stop or move service requests, request payment arrangements through an authenticated channel, report payment, submit billing inquiries, schedule one-time or automatic bill payment, as well as report and check status on outages.

Also, please watch out for scammers. If you experience fraudulent activity, please submit a report to us.

Report Fraud

We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation. Please continue to stay safe.

Accessing the Online Customer Service Center

Please use the buttons below to enroll or to access your existing online account.

Information you'll need to enroll:

  • 12-digit electric account number
  • zip code for your billing address
  • authentication method for your account (last 4 of social security number or personal identification number on file)

Start, Stop or Move Service

For new customers that do not have an existing electric account, please use our Start Electric Service form to initiate a new request.

Existing customers with an online account already setup can use our Add New Service, Move Service, or Stop Service form after they login to the Online Customer Service Center.

Submit Your Meter Reading

If Hawaiian Electric's meter readers are unable to read your residential meter, then you will be sent an estimated bill based on your previous usage. To be billed for the actual usage, you can send us a meter reading of your own.

Learn How to Submit Your Reading

Other Services

Woman using Online Customer Service Center with laptop

For individuals without an online account, the following customer service inquiries may be submitted with our Contact Us* form. To ensure timely processing, please include the required information for each type of inquiry. Customers will receive an email reply and confirmation once your inquiry or request has been processed, usually within 2 business days. (It's important to remember that you do not provide your electric account number for security purposes.)

Report a Payment

To report payment made at a neighborhood payment center, please submit the following:

Name on Account, Service Address, Contact Telephone Number, Email Address, Payment Date, Amount, Payment Method / Location, Payment Confirmation # (if provided)

Request a Payment Arrangement

If you are having problems paying your bill, or need to request an extension, please let us know before the bill becomes past due. We encourage customers to keep us informed of their situation so that we can make arrangements to help keep the account current.

To request assistance, please view our payment arrangement options and submit a Payment Arrangement Request Form (PDF).

Billing or General Inquiry

If you have a question about a recent bill, or have a general inquiry, please submit the following:

Name on Account, Service Address, Contact Telephone Number, Email Address, Nature of Concern

*For security purposes, please do not put your electric account number or other highly sensitive information like your social security number into the Contact Us form.