Sun Power for Schools

Wheeler Middle School

On March 23, 2009, Wheeler Middle School became the 28th school (fifteenth on Oahu) to receive a rooftop solar system. The 2-kW grid-connected rooftop solar system consists of ten rooftop solar modules installed on the roof of Building A and balance-of-system (BOS) equipment, which includes the inverter, disconnects, transformer, data acquisition system and other equipment, installed in a secured electrical room on the second floor of Building J. The Sanyo modules used at the school have a rated output of approximately 200 watts each and one of the highest module efficiencies (16.4%) available.

System details:

  • Ten (10) Sanyo HIT Power 190 PV modules
  • One (1) PVPowered 3500b inverter
  • AC and DC disconnects
  • HNEI custom-built data acquisition system

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