Sun Power for Schools

Nanaikapono Elementary School

In early September 2012, Nanaikapono Elementary School became the thirty-sixth school (twenty-first on Oahu) to receive a rooftop solar system. The system, comprised of nine, 245 watt, monocrystalline Suntech solar modules, produces a maximum of 2.1 kilowatts. Combined with a sensor box to measure ambient and panel temperature, irradiance, and wind speed, Nanaikapono Elementary's system is able to collect a variety of information through its data acquisition system (DAS).

System details:

  • Nine (9) Suntech STP2455 - 20/Wdb PV Modules
  • One (1) SMA Sunny Boy 2000HF-US Central Inverter
  • One (1) SMA Sunny Sensorbox
  • One (1) SMA Sunny Webbox
  • AC and DC Disconnects

Real Time Data:

Please click here for real time data.

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