Sun Power for Schools

Kaleiopuu Elementary School

On September 7, 2012 Kaleiopuu Elementary School became the thirty-fifth school (twentieth on Oahu) to receive a rooftop solar system from the Sun Power for Schools program.  The system, comprised of nine, 245 watt, monocrystalline Suntech solar modules, produces a maximum total output of 2.1 kilowatts.  Combined with a sensor box to measure ambient and panel temperature, irradiance, and wind speed, Kaleiopuu Elementary's system collects a variety of information through its data acquisition system (DAS).

System details:

  • Nine (9) Suntech STP2455 - 20/Wdb PV Modules
  • One (1) SMA Sunny Boy 2000HF-US Central Inverter
  • One (1) SMA Sunny Sensorbox
  • One (1) SMA Sunny Webbox
  • AC and DC Disconnects

To view the data collected from Kaleiopuu Elementary's system as well as the weekly mean power production and insolation graphs, click here.  If you'd like to request the raw data for these graphs, or others on the site, call (808) 543-7323 or (808) 543-7659.

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