Smart Grid and Smart Meters

My Energy Use for Net Energy Metering

Introducing "My Energy Use for Net Energy Metering" your personal energy management Web portal

"My Energy Use" is a new online tool that receives data from your recently installed smart meter through a secure wireless network. Your net energy use will be displayed on a daily basis to help you manage your net use and reduce your electric bill.

PV Grid

Energy produced by your PV system will provide power to your house first, and then the excess energy not used will be sent to the electric grid. Your total energy use can be calculated by adding the net value (in kWh) displayed on your "My Energy Use" portal to the total energy production (in kWh) displayed on your PV inverter.

Accessing your "My Energy Use" Portal

  1. Log on to your Online Customer Service Account at

    My Energy Use Portal

    To create an account, click on the Register for Online Access button. Make sure you have your 12-digit Account Number located at the top center of your printed bill. Follow the instructions to enroll.

    A confirmation screen will appear acknowledging your account has been set up. Go back to the login page and enter your new User ID and Password.

  2. From the Account Overview page, click on the "My Energy Use" button to access your portal.

    My Energy Use Button

Monitoring Your Use

The My Report tab displays your net energy production and consumption for the current period and daily net energy use for the week.

  1. How much net energy (in kilowatt-hours) you have produced (shown as a negative value) or used (shown as a positive value) today.
  2. The date and time your energy use data was last updated.
  3. How much electricity we sent to your home during this period (Energy Delivered).
  4. How much excess electricity from your PV system was sent to the electric grid during this period¹ (Energy Received).
  5. Your net energy use for this period. (Energy Delivered - Energy Received = Net)
  6. Your cumulative and daily net energy use for the week. Energy Delivered will be displayed in blue. Energy Received will be displayed in yellow.

    My Energy Use
    The Energy Use tab displays your daily net energy production and consumption, in up to 15-minute increments, so you can determine which appliances or activities contribute the most toward your bill. 
  7. How much net power (in kilowatts) you have produced (Energy Received) and used (Energy Delivered) throughout the day. Energy Delivered will be displayed in blue. Energy Received will be displayed in yellow.
  8. You can toggle over the graph to view the kW for each specific 15-minute period.

    My Energy Use Over Time
  9. Clicking on the Green Button will allow you to download your energy use data in a file format that you can share with third-party vendors when considering making more energy efficiency improvements to your home.
Download My Data

Note: "My Energy Use" is to be used for estimation purposes. The values shown on your portal may vary from your billing statement due to differences in billing period dates. Your billing statement will also calculate your cumulative net credit and these credits will be applied toward eligible energy charges during the billing periods when you need to purchase more electricity from us than your PV system was able to produce.