Smart Grid and Smart Meters

My Energy Use Portal

Introducing "My Energy Use," your personal Web portal

Residential customers who reside in the smart grid implementation areas can now access "My Energy Use", a personal Web portal. "My Energy Use" is a new online tool that allows you to view your energy use on a daily basis. It comes with your recently installed smart meter to help you better manage your energy use and electric bill. You can also see how your efforts are helping the environment.

The "My Energy Use" portal receives data from your smart meter through a secure wireless network and displays your energy use information in three tab views: Energy Use, Time of Day, and Environment.

As an additional resource, please download a copy of our "My Energy Use" Home Audit Worksheet to help identify ways that you can conserve energy and save money.

Getting started

  1. Log on to your Online Customer Service Account at

    To create an account, click on the Register for Online Access button. Make sure you have your 12-digit Account Number located at the top center of your printed bill. Follow the instructions to enroll.

    A confirmation screen will appear acknowledging your account has been set up. Go back to the login page and enter your new User ID and Password.

  2. From the Account Overview page, click on the "My Energy Use" button to access your portal.

Manage your use

Energy Use displays details about your daily energy use, in up to 15-minute increments, so you can determine which appliances or activities contribute the most toward your bill.

  1. How much electricity you have used today.
  2. The date and time your energy use data was last updated.
  3. How much electricity you have used during the current billing period and your daily electricity use over the past week.

  4. In Usage view, your energy use (in kWh) is represented by the blue bars. Temperature throughout the day is represented by the red line.
  5. In Day view, your energy use is displayed in hourly increments.

  6. In Bill view, your energy use is displayed in daily increments.

  7. In Year view, your energy use is displayed in billing periods.

  8. In Power view, your energy use (in kW) is represented by the blue bars. You can toggle over a bar to view the kW for each specific 15-minute period.

  9. Clicking on the Green Button will allow you to download your energy use data in a file format that you can share with third-party vendors such as PV companies, or when considering making energy efficiency improvements to your home or business.

Compare time periods

Time of Day displays your cumulative energy use for the Current or Previous billing period, broken down by time periods throughout the day. This can help you determine how your daily schedule and routine relate to your bill.

  1. Baseload is the minimum amount of electricity you use on average. Turning off electronics when not in use can reduce your baseload.
  2. The amount of electricity you used, excluding your baseload, during the time periods of 6am-12pm, 12pm-7pm, 7pm-11pm, and 11pm-6am.

Monitor your impact

Environment displays your energy use in terms of environmental impact over the course of a year and compares your data to that of other homes or businesses equipped with smart meters in your zip code. This can help you track your carbon footprint over time.

  1. The annual environmental impact of homes and businesses in your zip code that have been equipped with smart meter technology.
    Efficient: Impact of the top 5th-20th percentile of most efficient energy use
    You: Impact of your home or business
    Average: Average impact in your zip code
  2. The CO2 emissions (carbon impact) from your energy use as it relates to other relevant examples.

Note: Carbon impact comparisons are based on energy use estimates projected over a year. They do not take into consideration household size and age of appliances, which can be expected to contribute to higher energy use compared to others' use.