Smart Grid and Smart Meters

Installation Schedule

Smart Meter Installations

Hawaiian Electric has installed smart meters in Moanalua Valley and parts of Pearl City, Diamond Head, Kaimuki, Kahala and Waikiki.

Smart meters replaced existing meters in several neighborhoods. Here's some important information about the meter replacement:

  • There is no additional charge for the replacement of your meters.
  • Smart meter replacement for residential customers took place from mid-April 2014 until the end of June 2014.
  • Meter replacements for commercial customers took place from May 2014 to the end of July 2014.
  • Customers will be given more specific times for the meter replacements in their neighborhoods.
  • Customers don't need to be home at the time of installation.
  • The entire meter-replacement process will take less than 15 minutes, and customers will experience a brief one- to three-minute interruption of electrical service while the old meter is being replaced.
  • If customers need to make special arrangements because of a medical condition or because they work at home, they should call 94-POWER (947-6937).

What if I don't want to participate?

Customers may choose to defer installation of a smart meter and remain on their old meters if they wish. But it's important to note that modernizing the electric system through a robust, 21st-century smart grid is an important step for Hawaii.

Key benefits of this technology include more reliable electric service and more information to help customers better manage their energy use through an online Web portal. Smart meters enable timely information about energy use, which can help customers identify ways to reduce energy consumption before they receive their next bill in the mail. A modern smart grid can also integrate more low-cost renewable energy, like wind and solar, which will reduce Hawaii's dependence on expensive imported oil. 

If customers do not want to participate in the meter upgrades, they may call our Smart Grid Hotline at (808) 440-4977.  There is no charge for a deferral at this time.

This is the first phase of our plans for the rollout of smart grid technology and smart meters in all the islands we serve. Pending approval of those plans by the Public Utilities Commission, customers who chose to defer the installment of a smart meter will be asked again if they want to have a smart meter installed. For those who choose not to participate, they will be given the ability to defer at this time.

This is the first phase of our plans for the rollout of smart grid technology on all the islands we serve.  In other smart grid programs, regulating agencies have approved monthly charges for customers who chose not to participate in smart grid programs.  Those charges are largely to cover the cost of continuing to read meters manually.

As we work through the development of the smart grid, customers would be notified prior to any charges being instituted and provided with options at that time.