Smart Grid and Smart Meters

How it Works

How Does Smart Grid Technology Work?

Smart grid technology enhances the capabilities of the electric grid by:

  • Improving reliability: When outages take place, the smart grid and smart meters will communicate with each other and send an outage alert to your electric utility. This will allow us to quickly locate the problem area on the electric grid. In some cases, problems can be fixed remotely, allowing us to restore power to customers faster.
  • Providing customers with more information: Smart grid will provide you with daily updates on your energy use through a personalized online Web and mobile portal. You will have more information to help you better manage your electric bills. Learn more about how the "My Energy Use" portal works.
  • Integrating more renewable energy: Smart grids will provide system operators and engineers with data and tools needed to help achieve Hawaii's 100 percent renewable electricity goal by improving the safe and reliable integration of greater amounts of renewable energy. The smart grid will allow for greater flexibility to respond to changes in power flow produced by variable sources, such as wind and solar.
How Smart Grid Works