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Waena Site Visit Questions and Answers

Waena Site Visit conducted August 8, 2019

Questions and answers noted during the Waena Site Visit are provided below. If any verbal statements during the site visit differ from these posted answers, these answers will supersede.


Q1: What are the overall plans for the Waena site?

A: The Waena site is currently vacant. Maui Electric plans to submit an application for approval to the PUC for construction of a new switchyard near Pulehu Road. Subject to PUC approval, Maui Electric intends to begin partial buildout of the switchyard with expected completion targeted between September and December 2022.

Q2: How is the site accessed?

A: Maui Electric plans to build out a portion of an access road to the overall Waena site from an access road off Pulehu Road. However, the road will stop at the switchyard site. The developer is responsible for building out the continuation of this access road to the storage site, and for building out any other site access necessary to complete and maintain the Facility consistent with the Terms and Conditions for Use for the Waena Site, attached as Attachment X to the model ESPPA ("Waena T&C"). Alternatively, access may come directly from Pulehu Road. If such is the case, additional pro rata costs for improvements to Pulehu Road may be charged to the developer in accordance with the Waena T&C. Please refer to the Unilateral Agreement and Declaration for Conditional Zoning under the response to Q8 below for additional information.

Q3: Is there any cost to lease the land at Waena?

A: There will be no lease rent for a developer to lease the land at Waena for an energy storage project. However, such developer will be responsible for its share of certain development and operations & maintenance costs, including but not limited to costs for potential infrastructure, repair and security as described in the Waena T&C.

Q4: Have any soil borings been taken at the Waena site?

A: Maui Electric does not have soil boring results that are available to developers.

Q5: Have any environmental studies been conducted at the Waena site?

A: An Environmental Impact Statement for the Waena site was published in November 1997.

Q6: What is the total available acreage available for a Project?

A: An approximately 1.8 acre site is available for developers to site an energy storage Project. However, the Company is willing to work with the developer if more land is required. Developers should keep in mind that additional land is not guaranteed, and a smaller Project footprint is preferred.

Q7: What is the zoning of the Waena site?

A: The Waena site is zoned M2, which is Heavy Industrial – Urban.


Q8: Are SMA permits needed for the Waena site?

A: Because the Waena site does not fall within a Special Management Area, no SMA permits are required. The Waena site is subject, however, to conditional zoning conditions, covenants and restrictions which may impose other obligations in order to utilize the Waena site. Please refer to the Unilateral Agreement and Declaration for Conditional Zoning (PDF) for additional information.

Q9: Will there be security at the Waena site during Project construction?

A: Maui Electric will have its own fencing and security for the switchyard during construction of the switchyard. Although the energy storage Project can be developed at the same time as the Company's switchyard, security for the Company's switchyard project will not be responsible for monitoring the energy storage construction site. The developer will be responsible for ensuring the security of the energy storage construction site. The Energy Storage Power Purchase Agreement includes certain minimum security requirements for the project.