Selling Power to the Utility

Stage 3 Oahu RFP Questions & Answers

Hawaiian Electric (sometimes also referred to as the "Company") provides the answers below, based on the best information available at the time an answer is posted, which may not reflect the scope and requirements of the final RFP. Prospective Proposers should review this Q&A page periodically to check for updates, additions, clarifications and/or corrections to any of Company's prior responses. Each Proposer is solely responsible for reviewing the final RFP (including all attachments and links) and all responses on this Q&A page. Each Proposer is also solely responsible for thoroughly investigating and informing itself with respect to all matters pertinent to the RFP, the Proposer's Proposal, and the Proposer's anticipated performance under the applicable power purchase agreement. It is the Proposer's responsibility to ensure it understands all requirements of the RFP and to seek clarification if the RFP's requirements or the Company's requests or responses are not clear. Accordingly, a potential Proposer may not rely upon a prior response that may be clarified or corrected in a subsequent response. Efforts will be made by the Company to highlight subsequent clarifications and corrections to prior responses, but potential Proposers are ultimately responsible for monitoring this Q&A page and to inquire with the Company regarding any perceived inconsistencies or contradictory information. Finally, a Proposer's submission of information to the Company will not be independently confirmed by the Company. All Proposers must separately request confirmation of receipt of submitted information if desired by any Proposer.


[Posted 5/23/22] Please provide clarification regarding the fuel storage requirement, as the requirements in Section 1.2.3 of the Oahu Stage 3 RFP and Section 14 of Attachment Y in the Draft Model Firm PPA (Oahu) do not match. Is the fuel storage requirement 47 days as stated in the RFP, or 30 days as stated in the Model Firm PPA?


The requirement for fuel storage on Oahu is 47 days, as stated in Section 1.2.3 of the Oahu Stage 3 RFP. The Draft Model Firm PPA (Oahu) will be updated to reflect the requirement of 47 days for fuel storage in the next filing of the Oahu Stage 3 RFP.


[Posted 7/12/22] Please confirm if the treatment of hosting capacity in the Oahu and Maui Stage 3 RFPs will be the same as the Hawaii Island Stage 3 RFP.


Confirming that the treatment of hosting capacity in the Oahu and Maui Stage 3 RFPs will be the same as the Hawaii Island Stage 3 RFP.


[Posted 8/16/22] May a third party manage the community benefits fund required by the Oahu and Maui Stage 3 RFPs?


Yes, it is acceptable to involve a third party to manage the community benefits fund, as stated in Section 4.4.2 of the Oahu and Maui Stage 3 RFPs.


[Posted 8/16/22] Is an endowment fund for the lifetime of a project acceptable with respect to the community benefits package? The annual allocation of funds would be based on community needs at the time and thus could change yearly. This also ensures equitable and fair distribution across the community so that not one organization becomes reliant or expects to receive funds. If managed by a third party, the executor of the fund would provide an annual report justifying the fund disbursement.


This would be subject to the preferences of the host community and not determined by Hawaiian Electric.


[Posted 8/16/22] Please provide an example of the use of a community benefit funding host, as referenced in Exhibit 1 of the May 2, 2022 filing.


Hawaii Community Foundation is an example of an eligible non-profit organization that has experience administering community benefit funding.


[Posted 11/29/22] When will Hawaiian Electric be providing information on available transmission line capacity on Maui or Oahu?


Hawaiian Electric will provide information on available transmission line capacity on Maui or Oahu upon request and if such information is available. At this time, injection capacity information for the Stage 3 Oahu and Maui RFPs is not yet available. Injection capacity information will be available when the final Stage 3 Oahu and Maui RFPs are issued and will be publicly filed in Docket No. 2017-0352. If your team is interested in specific points of interconnection on Company-owned lines or substations, please provide the proposed point of interconnection and proposed project size (in MW). When providing the proposed point of interconnection, please provide a specific location (i.e., address, TMK number, etc.) in addition to a map of the parcel identifying the proposed point of interconnection. Once identified, the RFP team will review these proposed points of interconnection and notify you if there is enough capacity to host the proposed project.

Please note that the final version of the RFP will govern the scope and requirements sought in this RFP and will be issued after the PUC approves the Company's proposed final RFPs. The Company's response will be provided in the interest of time and therefore will only reflect the Company's current understanding. Accordingly, the response may not reflect the scope and requirements of the final RFP. It is incumbent upon Proposers to follow up with any additional questions if they believe differences in the final RFP may change the nature of their original question or the Company's response.


[Posted 01/24/23] Three line diagrams required per the RFP would require extensive time above and beyond typical requests for a proposal. The Lanai and Molokai RFPs allowed three-line diagrams to be submitted within 30 days after selection of the Final Award Group. Will the Company allow a similar concession?


The RFP Appendix B Proposer’s Response Package Section 2.11.2 instructs Proposers to “provide all project single line and three line diagram(s) with the Proposal submission.” Single line diagrams are required with each Proposal response package. However, the Company will allow delaying the submission of its three line diagrams until after Final Award Group selection, but must be submitted within 30 days after notification to the Final Award Group.