Selling Power to the Utility

Molokai Site Visit Questions and Answers

Molokai Site Visit conducted December 17, 2019

The Company has offered the use of a portion of its property ("Palaau Site") for renewable generation paired with energy storage. In order to use the Palaau Site, Proposers must agree to specific terms and conditions, which are provided in Attachment Z to the model PV RDG PPA. Questions and answers noted during the Molokai Site Visit are provided below. If any verbal statements during the site visit differ from these posted answers, these answers will supersede.

Official communication for this RFP will be through the electronic procurement platform PowerAdvocate. Instructions on requesting access to the PowerAdvocate event is included in the RFP. An Independent Observer (IO) is overseeing the RFP process and will monitor RFP communication through PowerAdvocate.

Proposal responses shall follow the format requested in the RFP. Providing a thorough and complete Proposal response to the information requested is the best way to ensure that the evaluation team has all of the information it needs to conduct the evaluation.


Can you provide a general description of the Palaau site?


The area the Company is offering as the Palaau Site is primarily vacant. There are two sets of existing poles and conductors running through the northern third of the open field. Developers will be required to locate their facilities a minimum of 15 feet away (on each side, measured from the centerline of the poles). (See photo below, taken from the existing parking lot looking to the west.) The lines on the left are distribution and the overhead lines on the right will serve a renewable project on the other side of the fence.


How is the Site accessed?


The successful Proposer will be responsible to build their own access from the private road, and build fencing for project security.


Is there a cost to lease the Site?


No, there will be no lease rent for a developer to use the Site.


Has there been any historical or archaeological reports completed for the Site?


Yes, the Company recently contracted for a preliminary archaeological literature review and field inspection of the project area. Proposers who have executed an NDA with the Company may request a copy of this report. Proposers shall consult with SHPD in order to determine appropriate historic preservation requirements for their proposed project.


Have there been any soil borings on the Site?


Yes, the Company contracted for a preliminary subsurface investigation. Proposers who have executed an NDA with the Company may request a copy of this report.


What is the total acreage available for a Project?


Approximately 17 acres are being offered. Projects should be sized to maximize production within the area being offered. The Proposer is responsible to account for possible setbacks or no-build buffers around archaeological features that are designated to remain in place. If needed, the Company may consider requests to use a limited amount of additional land on the north end of the property, but the use of this land will be at the Company's discretion and is not guaranteed.


What is the minimum and maximum size of a project?


The total amount of variable renewable dispatchable generation being solicited in this RFP is the capability to provide 8,500 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy per year. This energy could be a combination of multiple projects. Projects must be at least 500 kW, and no single point of failure from the Project shall result in a decrease in net electrical output greater than 2.7 MW AC. Therefore a Project larger than 2.7 MW would require more than one interconnection point.


Where is the interconnection point for a project using the Site?


As described in Appendix F, '[s]ubject to confirmation from the IRS, [an] overhead interconnection into the existing 12kV switchyard is possible'. Refer to photos below. A line extension will be required from the Project switchgear to the Palaau switchgear enclosure. The conductors would be constructed underground to the existing hand hole, and then be pulled through existing conduit to the future bays in the blockhouse. All interconnection requirements will be confirmed through the IRS.

Hand Hole on outside of switchgear enclosure

Open location for bays with existing conduit to hand hole