Hawaii Site Visit Questions and Answers

Keahole and Puna Site Visits conducted August 7, 2019

Questions and answers noted during the Keahole Site Visit and Puna Site Visit are provided below. If any verbal statements during the site visits differ from these posted answers, these answers will supersede.


Q1: How would access to the site be handled during operations?

A: The Company expects that access to the site during operations would be infrequent and for a few select personnel. Contractor badges can be issued to these employees provided that they go through the required background checks associated with the badging process. While within the fenced portion of the Company property, the Company's internal security and code of conduct requirements must be adhered to. Further, the developer will be responsible for all damages caused by developer and its contractors while on Company property.

Q2: What is the voltage at the substation located within the Keahole Generating Station?

A: 69 kV.

Q3: How would the work required within the substation be handled?

A: The Company expects that the design work to interconnect the storage project to the substation would be done by the developer in accordance with the Company's specifications. However, all work within the Company's live substation would need to be performed by the Company.

Q4: Will developers be required to fence off the storage area within the generating station?

A: Yes, the Company will require that the storage area be fenced off from the rest of the area within the generating station to prevent personnel from either party from accidentally wandering into the other party's restricted area.

Q5: Is there access to water at the site?

A: The Company will not be providing access to water at the site. The site currently sources water through a nearby City and County pipeline which developers could inquire about tying into.

Q6: Will there be information about soils reports for the site in the RFP?

A: There are no soils reports available for the site being offered. However, there may be information for nearby areas within the generating station. If this is available, the Company may include these reports in Appendix F of the Final RFP.


Q7: Could a 40 foot trailer access the site?

A: The existing access road has been accessible for equipment that has been used to support ongoing maintenance work at the site. However, this has probably not involved the use of a 40 foot trailer. Developers might be able to arrange to get access through a junkyard that's adjacent to the access road.

Q8: Will there be any information in the RFP that identifies the value of storage in different locations on the grid?

A: The Company does not have a locational preference for the standalone storage that we're looking to procure for contingency reserve on Hawaii island. However, the entire 18 MW cannot be fulfilled by one project.

Q9: Will the RFP identify the performance requirements for the contingency storage being sought (control interface, response profile, expected usage, response time)?

A: The expected performance parameters for a contingency storage project are identified in the Model Energy Storage Power Purchase Agreement included as Appendix K to the Hawaii Island RFP.