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We believe that one of the main drivers of success of the competitive bidding process is to ensure transparency in that process. We believe that seeking the input of stakeholders and working collaboratively with such stakeholders to refine and improve the process will lead to successful RFPs.

We hope that the following answers to stakeholder questions will be helpful to potential Proposers and others interested in our RFPs. In order to ensure that information provided by the Companies is shared fairly with all Proposers, we are utilizing this page as a repository for questions and answers. While we aim to provide answers to all questions asked, it may not be feasible to respond directly to each question or comment submitted. Instead, similar questions may be consolidated so as to provide more helpful information. Questions specific to a particular project that might give a competitive advantage or contain confidential information may not be answered here or may be reframed in such a way as to be made available to the general public. Questions not relevant to these RFPs or questions received late in the process which do not allow for the Companies to provide an adequate answer may also not be answered here.



Could you please confirm whether the Company-owned Kahe Site is limited to 9.5 acres or whether a larger acreage can be assumed, if necessary, for the Project?


The Company is open to offering more land adjacent to the outlined area of the Company-owned Kahe Site.  However, the land beyond this outlined area is significantly sloped and may not be suitable for siting project facilities.  We are also not offering land on other portions of the Company property not directly adjacent to the Kahe Site.