Renewable Energy Sources

Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV)

Geothermal Energy
  • LOCATION: Puna, Hawaii Island (Kilauea East Rift Zone)

  • ENERGY SOURCE: Geothermal steam and hot liquid

  • TECHNOLOGY: Steam turbine generators

  • CONTRACT CAPACITY: 38 megawatts

  • POWER PURCHASE TYPE: Firm and as available

  • DESCRIPTION: PGV is a geothermal energy conversion plant bringing steam and hot liquid up through underground wells.  The hot liquid (brine) is not used for electricity at this time.  The steam is directed to a turbine generator that produces electricity.

    The exhaust steam from this turbine is used to vaporize (heat) an organic working fluid, which drives a second turbine, generating additional electricity. The condensed steam from the organic fluid heat exchanger is re-injected into the ground through reinjection wells along with the brine.

    The electricity generated by PGV is sold to Hawaiian Electric and distributed to customers.

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