Renewable Energy Sources

H-POWER (Covanta Honolulu Resource Recovery Venture)


LOCATION: Campbell Industrial Park, Island of Oahu

ENERGY SOURCE: Municipal solid waste (garbage)

TECHNOLOGY: Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) steam turbine generator

CONTRACT CAPACITY: 46 MW expanding to about 73 MW

TYPE: Firm

DESCRIPTION: The primary function of H-POWER (Honolulu Program of Waste Energy Recovery) is to reduce the volume of municipal solid waste on Oahu. The plant is capable of consuming 3,000 tons of garbage per day, reducing the volume of refuse that goes to the landfill by 90%. H-POWER, owned by the City & County of Honolulu, processes the garbage and burns it in furnaces to produce steam that drives a turbine generator. The electricity is sold to Hawaiian Electric and distributed to customers. Learn more about H-Power.