Our Clean Energy Portfolio

2023 Report on Green Bond

The entire proceeds from the Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. $50 million Senior Notes, Series 2020A (“Green Bond”) funded the West Loch PV Project (a 20 MW grid-tied, as-available, renewable PV generation system).

West Loch PV generation in 2023
Generation (MWh) 40,308
Oahu Sales (MWh) 6,138,100
Consolidated Hawaiian Electric Sales (MWh) 8,226,638
Oahu RPS Contribution (%)1 0.7%
Consolidated RPS Contribution (%)1 0.5%

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1 In July 2022, Governor Ige signed Act 240 that amended the RPS calculation from a percentage of sales to a percentage of generation. For consistency with prior reporting, the RPS provided herein continues to use the percentage of sales definition.