Integrated Grid Planning

IGP Stakeholder Technical Working Group Meeting June 2, 2021

Meeting Objectives

  • Establish common understanding of modeling tools
  • Determine if Hawaiian Electric’s recommendations on the agenda topics reasonable, and if not, seek recommendations from stakeholders to incorporate into the IGP process.

Key Questions

  1. Is the purpose and scope of analysis for each modeling tool clear?
  2. Does the methodology to determine sampled Day Weights, Daily Loads, and Sample Days meet the Parties’ needs?
  3. Is the Company’s proposed process for reliability analysis appropriate?
  4. Are the hourly dependable capacities for each technology reasonable?
  5. Do the bookend sensitivities adequately consider an appropriate range of scenarios, including a "worst case scenario"?
  6. Does the updated modeling of DERs appropriately captures pricing, potential, and uptake?


  1. Provide an overview of the different modeling tools that will be used for to conduct grid needs assessments, including the objective of each model and model analysis
  2. Additional information on RESOLVE day weights and sampling
  3. Planning Criteria and Ancillary Service Rules
    1. Continued Discussion Energy Reserve Margin and Review of Recommendations
    2. Discussion on Hourly Dependable Capacity for Wind and Solar Resources
    3. Discussion on Inertia and Fast Frequency Response Needs Identification
  4. Bookend Scenario Overview – Initial Discussions
    1. High technology adoption
    2. Low technology adoption
    3. High load, Worst Case scenario
  5. Updated DER Forecasts – Initial Discussions
    1. Discussion on Inputs for Updated PV, BESS Uptake Forecast
    2. Time of use best estimates of tariffs and programs to inform the "adjusting layers" of the load forecast

Deliverables in Response to Stakeholder Feedback

  1. Grid Needs Assessment – Modify the bookend scenarios
  2. Grid Needs Assessment – Recommendations to modify Planning Criteria
  3. Inputs & Assumptions – Modify the DER forecast for best estimates of new DER programs

Relevant Documents