Integrated Grid Planning

IGP Stakeholder Technical Working Group Meeting June 17, 2021

Meeting Objectives

  • Finalize recommendations for bookend sensitivity assumptions and assumptions for “best guess” DER programs
  • Provide stakeholders information on the purpose of the LoadSEER model and how it is used to inform DER forecasts
  • Determine if EV charging assumptions are reasonable, if not, what adjustments should be made

Key Questions

  1. What assumptions should be modified/considered to develop a revised DER forecast based on the “best guess” of new DER programs?
  2. What is the intended use case for disaggregation of forecasts by location and rate class?
  3. What level of granularity is needed in later years (i.e., post-2030)?


  1. Continue discussion on updated DER forecasts
    1. Assumptions for best estimates of the tariff and program values for DER, EE and EoT
    2. Discussion on how LoadSEER is used to develop and/or inform DER forecasts
  2. Continued discussion on bookend sensitivities
    1. The use of LoadSEER to inform location of DER layers in the bookend sensitivities
  3. Discussion related to further disaggregation forecasts by location and rate class
  4. Discussion on EV managed and unmanaged charging assumption
    1. Stakeholder Presentation: Blue Planet
      1. legislative updates on EVs in Hawai‘i, and
      2. how other jurisdictions account for EVs in IGP.
    2. Hourly charging profiles for managed charging and associated assumptions

Deliverables in Response to Stakeholder Feedback

  1. Grid Needs Assessment – Modify the bookend scenarios and finalize EV charging assumptions
  2. Inputs & Assumptions – Modify the DER forecast for best estimates of new DER programs

Relevant Documents