Integrated Grid Planning

IGP Stakeholder Technical Working Group Meeting July 14, 2021

Meeting Objectives

  • Finalize details of proposed sensitivities for IGP and solicit stakeholder feedback.

Key Questions

  1. Do modifications need to be made to the key inputs identified for each proposed sensitivity?
  2. Are other sensitivities needed to identify technology-neutral grid needs?
  3. Are additional generating unit retirement sensitivities needed?


  1. Overview and methodology of each IGP sensitivity
  2. Seek input on assumptions to use for each sensitivity
    1. Data needs
    2. Adjustments to assumptions
    3. Assessing resource portfolio resilience by modeling prolonged poor weather scenarios
  3. Resource additions to enable unit deactivation or retirement of generating units
    1. How using a unit retirement plan in the base case changes the optimization of new renewable and storage resources outside of incremental RPS compliance needs for Oahu.

Deliverables in Response to Stakeholder Feedback

  1. Grid Needs Assessment – Finalize sensitivity and scenarios based on stakeholder feedback, including retirement assumptions and sensitivities, if needed.

Relevant Documents