Advanced Meters

My Energy Use Portal

All customers can benefit from the "My Energy Use" portal – not just those with advanced meters. "My Energy Use" is a new online tool that allows you to view your energy use. If you have a recently installed advanced meter, it can help you better manage your energy use and electric bill on a daily basis.

Energy Data

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The "My Energy Use" portal receives data from your advanced meter through a secure wireless network and displays your energy use information. You can easily view how much electricity you use during different hours of the day and compare your usage patterns. This can help you make smart, cost-saving energy adjustments.

  • View your energy consumption and generation in detail, in intervals of 15 minutes.
  • Compare your usage data to previous periods.
  • Add markers to track any important events.
  • Set up notifications to alert you when you reach specific thresholds.
  • Download your usage data in Green Button or CSV format.
  • Share your data with secure secondary user access.

Accessing the My Energy Use Portal

Monitor Your Usage

View your electricity consumption with accuracy in up to 15-minute intervals. Data can be viewed in variety of ranges from by the day to by the year.

Energy Data Graph

If you have a rooftop solar system you can monitor your generation as well. See how well your solar system offsets your energy consumption.

Energy Data Graph wtih Solar Production

Time-of-Use (TOU) customers can monitor On-Peak, Mid-Peak, and Off-Peak usage, which will help to make cost-saving adjustments. The different rate periods are color coded to help you see how your consumption is distributed.

Energy Data Graph with Time-of-Use

Create Notifications

Set notifications to alert you if your energy usage reaches a specified threshold.

  • Choose to receive a notification through email or text.
  • Select the period (15-minute, daily, weekly etc.) and threshold you want to measure your energy use.
  • Receive notifications through text or email
  • Set separate notifications if you have multiple meters.
  • Add multiple recipients for the same notification.
  • Edit and Delete notifications any time you want.
  • Use these notifications to gauge your usage before your next bill
Notification Example

Make Comparisons

Compare your incremental usage to trends like past usage and weather changes to see if you are consuming more or less than usual. See how precipitation, humidity and temperature might affect your energy usage.

Comparison Dropdown Example

Share Your Data

Easily download your usage data in CSV or Green Button format for sharing with third parties.

Utilize the Secondary User Access feature to grant permission for someone else to log into your portal account and view your usage.

Sharing Green Button Connect Data