Our Plans for the Future

Triple distributed solar by 2030

Our commitment to solar

Our commitment to solar

At the Hawaiian Electric Companies, we're committed to the sustainable growth of solar. We're already at the forefront of percentage of customers with solar, with the goal of tripling distributed solar by 2030. In fact, Oahu is already close to 30 percent of houses with rooftop solar.

Distributed solar includes different types of solar PV systems.

  • Rooftop solar on homes and businesses
  • Grid-scale solar farms
  • Community solar

Transforming the way the grid works

Transforming the way the grid works

In the past, energy was generated at centralized power plants and flowed in one direction to homes and businesses. With the dramatic growth of renewable energy and especially solar PV, energy now flows into the grid from many sources. This is called distributed generation.

Accepting the two-way flow of energy requires many upgrades to the grid, so that electricity can continue to be delivered safely and reliably to everyone. And it's because of these grid improvements that we will be able to triple distributed solar in the coming years.

Learn how we need to operate the overall electric grid with growing amounts of energy from intermittent renewable energy sources.

Dramatic growth of solar in Hawaii

Dramatic growth of solar in Hawaii

Percentage of Customers in Hawaii with Solar

The growth of rooftop solar in Hawaii has been unprecedented. In fact, we're now first in the nation for installed solar PV systems per customer.

To handle this growth, we're having technologies developed just for Hawaii, to make sure that we can integrate such high amounts of solar. At the same time, we're modernizing the grid to maintain safe and reliable service for everyone.

Also being developed are energy storage systems for variable forms of renewable energy, such as solar and wind. This will allow us to store energy when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.

We're setting new standards for other utilities to follow. And we'll continue with this innovation to meet our solar goals.

*As of 12/31/15. ✝As of 12/31/14. National data courtesy of Solar Electric Power Association.

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