Conserve Water

The Water-Energy Nexus

Saving water and saving energy go hand in hand.

Seven simple water and energy conservation tips

With the urgent request from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply to reduce water use and our ongoing need to be responsible stewards of energy use, it’s an ideal time to assess how you use water and electricity. These tips can help you save no matter which island you live on.

You can save water and electricity by adopting simple practices and investing in efficient appliances and equipment that can pay for itself from the savings you’ll generate, now and into the future. It pays to be green!

Here are seven energy and water conservation tips:


1) Be cool and save

In Hawaii, as much as half the energy used in your home is used for cooling. Regular maintenance and exploring other energy-efficient cooling options can greatly reduce your electric bill without compromising your comfort. Consider recycling the condensation generated by your air conditioners to water your plants.

Solar Water Heater

2) Save on hot water

Did you know an electric water heater typically uses the most energy in your home? Switching to a more energy-efficient water heater can help you save up to 40% on your electric bill. Rebates and tax credits are available on some units that can result in total savings of nearly 70% the first year.


3) Cool, shorter showers for health benefits

While we may all enjoy taking soothing showers, you can reduce your water use and use of hot water by taking shorter, cooler showers. Studies show taking a cold shower builds our resilience to handle moderate levels of stress. It can also increase your metabolic rate and white blood cell count to boost immunity.


4) Clean clothes, better stewardship

Consider getting an energy-efficient and water-efficient clothes washer to save water and electricity. And always wash with a full load of clothes for more efficiency.


5) Let the weather work for you

Consider an energy-efficient, weather-based irrigation controller that automatically adjusts watering schedules based on local weather conditions. These smart devices ensure your yard and plants receive just enough water. No more over-watering!


6) No more dishes by hand

It may seem counterintuitive, but when you wash dishes by hand, you use more water — an estimated 27 gallons of water. But when you wash dishes with an energy-efficient dishwasher, you only use three gallons of water! Just remember to scrape, rather than rinse, dishes before loading them into the dishwasher, and only operate the dishwasher when it’s completely full.

Car Wash

7) Let professionals wash your car

You’re not being lazy, you’re saving water! Instead of washing your own car, take it to a water-efficient car wash to do the dirty work. You could save up to 100 gallons of water. You’ll also reduce the amount of soapy water released into storm drains.