Investing in the Future

Kulanihakoi Substation

To meet the increased energy needs of Oahu’s fastest growing region, Hawaiian Electric has received approval from the Public Utilities Commission to build a new substation within D.R. Horton’s Hoopili community in East Kapolei. In addition to supporting the increased demand for power in the region, the Kulanihakoi Substation will ensure continued, reliable and safe electric service for the new, vibrant community and enable more distributed generation resources on the Oahu grid.

The main components of the project are the 150’ x 180’ substation to be located on a one-acre parcel at the corner of Kulanihakoi Street and Kauluakoko Street, and related line extensions. This includes approximately 2.5 miles of (46kV) high-voltage, sub-transmission overhead lines that will connect the Kulanihakoi Substation to Hawaiian Electric’s system.

The project will begin construction in March 2022 and is targeted to be in service by June 2023.

Hawaiian Electric and D.R. Horton worked collaboratively to coordinate the electrical load and design of the new substation to align with D.R. Horton’s development plans. The results are mindful of noise mitigation, aesthetics, security/safety and future expansion.

  • The design features a low-profile concrete wall around the substation to provide noise mitigation and curbside visual appeal
  • Landscaping and irrigation will be incorporated to address aesthetics
  • 24/7 video surveillance and on-site visits by Hawaiian Electric’s Security Division will be conducted
  • A single distribution transformer will be installed with provisions for a total of up to four transformers to meet future demand
Kulanihakoi Substation graphic

The first line extension (pink) will start at the Ewa Nui Substation, run west along Farrington Highway, then makai through the Hoopili development until the Kulanihakoi Substation. The second line extension (red) will start at the intersection of Hoomohala Avenue and Kualakai Parkway, run east to Nana Hope Street, then makai to the Kulanihakoi Substation. The line extensions will include self-supporting steel poles, which eliminates the need for guy wires.