The Power to Change is in Our Hands

Let’s work together to make a big impact on climate change and its effects on our islands.

Power to Change

Take Action Now. Easy steps can really add up.

Four ways you can save energy, money and the environment.

Reduce Energy Use

In Hawaii, our peak energy use is from 5 – 9 p.m. in the evening. Conserving energy during the peak helps our islands move away from fossil fuels. Simple things like turning on fans instead of AC or raising thermostats to 78 degrees can really make a difference.

Shift Energy Use

Sign up for our Time-of-Use plan and you can take advantage of lower rates during daytime hours. Shift your energy use from peak evening hours and you can save money. Plus, you’ll help the environment, since more renewable energy is on the grid during the day.

Discounts and Rebates from Hawaii Energy

Get a head start on using energy more efficiently by taking advantage discounts and rebates on Water Heating, Lighting, ENERGY STAR® Appliances, HVAC and more from Hawaii Energy.

Shop the Hawaii Energy Marketplace for energy efficient products

Small Things Make a Big Impact

You can lower your electric bill with free energy saving tips. When more of us put these simple tips into practice, the bigger impact we’ll have on climate change. By reducing the overall demand for electricity, we also reduce our dependence on imported oil.

Seven simple water and energy conservation tips

With the urgent request from the Honolulu Board of Water Supply to reduce water use and our ongoing need to be responsible stewards of energy use, it’s an ideal time to assess how you use water and electricity. These tips can help you save no matter which island you live on. Learn more about our sustainability partnership with Board of Water Supply and Hawaii Energy.

View Water Conservation Tips

Our top 10 tips to save energy & money

We encourage the efficient use of energy and the use of energy-saving technologies. Efficient energy use helps you to save money and reduces the overall demand for electricity and the building of additional power plants, which in turn preserves our precious environment.

If you're looking for simple habits and easy home improvements for energy savings, check out our top 10 tips to save energy & money.

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