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Building Energy Partnerships

La Ola Solar Farm

In 2008, Lanai took its first step toward the realization of its goal to have 100% of its electricity and ground transportation fueled by renewable energy resources -- the construction of a 1.5-megawatt photovoltaic (solar electric) facility.

The solar farm is expected to generate approximately 10% of Lanai's annual power needs. This will be the largest solar installation in Hawaii upon completion.

The 10-acre solar farm, comprised of a 7,000-panel photovoltaic (PV) array constructed by Lanai Sustainability Research, LLC, a Castle & Cooke company, is located about two miles from Lanai's Miki Basin Power Plant, on flat, south-facing land for maximum exposure to the sun. An integrated battery system that will help moderate power fluctuations will be installed in 2009.

Maui Electric agreed to import the electricity generated by the PV facility into the Lanai electric grid, purchasing it at rates that are not linked to the price of oil. This will help provide more stable, long-term electricity costs for Lanai's residents and businesses.