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Kahe-CEIP 1&2 138 kV Overhead Line Relocation

On March 17, 2016, Hawaiian Electric, Inc. ("Hawaiian Electric") filed an application in Docket No. 2016-0075 requesting a Public Utilities Commission ("Commission") determination that a section of 138 kilovolt ("kV") double circuit transmission line be constructed above the surface of the ground, pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes 269-27.6.

This project, at the request of Aina Nui, involves the relocation of two spans of the Kahe-CEIP 1&2 138 kV overhead lines, starting from P30A and P30B located within the CEIP Substation and ending at a new pole, P.28X, located near the intersection of Kapolei Parkway and the future Harbor Access Road.

The proposed scope for this project includes:

  1. The installation of four self-supporting steel poles;
  2. The installation of a new section of 138 kV conductors, optical ground wire ("OPGW"), and shield wire;
  3. The removal of one pole; and
  4. The removal of an existing section of 138 kV conductors, OPGW, and shield wire in the vicinity of the existing CEIP Transmission Substation near the ewa end of Kapolei Parkway in Campbell Industrial Park.

The estimated cost of the project is approximately $1.8 million. Hawaiian Electric and Aina Nui Corporation ("Aina Nui") have an executed proposal letter for this work. Aina Nui will pay 100% of the project cost.

The nearest existing homes are more than 3, 960 feet away. (The closest homes are in the Honokai Hale and Makakilo areas). In addition, the impact, visual and otherwise, to the existing nearby homes should be minimal as there are existing 138 kV overhead lines in the project area.

As detailed in the application, Hawaiian Electric considered a number of factors, including the significantly higher costs for the underground alternative, in concluding that the relocated 138 kV lines should be constructed overhead.

A copy of Hawaiian Electric's application is available here in PDF format. It is also available for review through the Commission's electronic Document Management System, accessible on-line at the following web address: HPUCDMS website (http://dms.puc.hawaii.gov/dms/). Docket Quick Link 2016-0075. In addition, a copy of the application is available for review at Hawaiian Electric's Regulatory Affairs Office 220 South King Street, Suite 1301.

Public comments may be sent by email to public.comment@hawaiianelectric.com.