Our Commitment

Environmental Responsibility

We Have a Responsibility to Protect Our Island Environment

Hawaiian Electric and its Hawaii and Maui County subsidiaries believe it's important to serve as stewards for our islands and for our customers to be informed about environmental issues.

Energy Conservation and Environmental Education

Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light have long recognized the importance of energy conservation and efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Throughout the year, the companies provide free energy information and online tools to the public, host or support community events, and participate in service projects that preserve and protect Hawaii's unique habitats.

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Free educational materials available

Environmental Education Booklets

To help customers manage electricity use, the Hawaiian Electric Companies offer informational material at various community venues, online, and through its customer service locations.

The latest edition of Energy Tips & Choices features dozens of money-saving tips to use electricity more efficiently and safely. The 101 Ways to Save guide provides practical ways to conserve energy and care for the planet, while the Power to Save Energy Conservation Guide for Your Home offers helpful ideas to trim electricity use and manage utility bills. Best of all, the 101 and Power to Save guides are also available in Ilocano and Cantonese for our Filipino and Chinese audiences.

The Hawaiian Electric Companies promote the Cool Tips for Home and Work booklet during the warmest months of the year, typically July-September. Customers are encouraged to raise their cool IQ with simple, practical ideas to manage energy use and stay cool without sacrificing comfort.

Taking the message to our communities

Clean Energy Fair

Also on Oahu, Hawaiian Electric celebrates Earth Day in April with the annual Grow Hawaiian Festival, an outdoor event focusing on climate change, clean energy and conservation as well as Hawaiian culture and the benefits of native plants.

To kick off Energy Action Month in the fall, all three utilities host a signature event for the community to learn from experts on energy topics and the environment while enjoying local entertainment and activities. Maui Electric's Energy Fair features educational displays on electricity, electrical safety, energy conservation and clean energy. Hawaii Electric Light brings its Clean Energy Fair to Hilo and highlights clean energy, electricity generation, power distribution, electrical safety, emergency preparedness and customer services. Hawaiian Electric presents the Clean Energy Fair with other utilities, businesses and organizations to encourage energy conservation and promote clean energy technologies.

In November, the popular Hawaiian Electric Arbor Day Tree Giveaway is held at several Oahu sites including company facilities to highlight the role of trees in protecting the environment. Customers can choose one item from among a selection of fruit trees, native trees, shrubs or plants to take home.

People Power Projects

People Power Projects

Volunteers from Hawaiian Electric participate in a number of community workdays during the year to preserve and protect our land, ocean and cultural sites. From removal of invasive plants and trees to beach cleanups and native tree planting and restoring ancient heiau and agricultural sites, our volunteers contribute hundreds of hours and "people power" to ensure these precious resources can thrive for generations to enjoy.

Monitoring our Progress

 A commitment to sustainable operations and development is the foundation for Hawaiian Electric Companies' Corporate Sustainability Report, which highlights company programs, activities and initiatives that reduce the contributions to global warming from electricity production. The report also serves a purpose for the public to monitor the utilities' progress. Only a limited amount is printed on 100 percent post-consumer waste material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Understanding Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)

The Hawaiian Electric Company considers the health and safety of our customers, employees and the general public our highest priorities. We will continue to monitor electric and magnetic fields (EMF) research developments and remain committed to a policy of safely providing our customers with the electricity they need.

Like gravity, EMF are fundamental forces of nature. They are invisible lines of force that exist wherever electricity is produced, transmitted, and used.

For over 25 years, scientists have been investigating whether EMF produce harmful effects. To date, there has been no conclusive evidence established by the scientific community confirming a causal link between EMF exposure and adverse health effects.

EMF information packets are available to our customers and employees at no cost. In addition, Hawaiian Electric provides a free home survey of EMF to residential customers upon request. To request a hard copy of Hawaiian Electric's EMF information packet be delivered to your home, or to request a home survey, please call (808) 543-7511. Commercial customers who are interested in learning more about EMF at their business should contact Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at (808) 586-9110.