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Please use this form to complete a submission to Hawaiian Electric's Innovation team. All information submitted through the web portal should be non-confidential. At the end of the form, you may indicate that you are interested in participating in our Innovation Pilot Framework. Our team will review all submissions and distribute information internally within the company to the appropriate subject matter experts for an initial assessment. All personal data, including your name, address, email address, and other information that you provide in your submission to our Innovation Website will be kept confidential and used only for the purpose of processing and responding to your submission(s). If we are interested in learning more about your company, technology, or product(s), we will contact you to discuss how to proceed with next steps, including but not limited to execution of non-disclosure agreements, scope discussions, negotiations, etc.

You will receive a direct email reply from the Innovation team within 10 business days from the date of your submission. For more information on these next steps, please see our process.

A. Select the priority area and specify which initiative applies to your innovative technology or solution that meets our technology needs.

B. Why does your technology match Hawaiian Electric's priority technology needs, and how is your solution unique and innovative?

  • How will the proposed solution address our technology or business need?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What distinguishes the technology or solution from your competitors?

C. What is your current state in product development?

  • Has this technology or solution been demonstrated in a utility pilot demonstration project or placed in service?
  • Is the technology or solution commercially available for sale? If so, how many units have been sold and placed in service and how long have been in operation?
  • What environment has the technology or solution been placed in and what functionalities and use cases have been tested or implemented?

D. Describe the proposed partnership structure with Hawaiian Electric.

  • Is there any interest in collaborating with Hawaiian Electric in future developments or participating in demonstration pilots?
  • What are you willing to contribute to the partnership, and what are you expecting from Hawaiian Electric?
  • How should risks and rewards be shared with Hawaiian Electric?
  • How does the proposed solution differ from conventional vendor-utility sale?

E. If you would like to add supporting materials to share with Hawaiian Electric, please upload them here:

F. Terms and Conditions

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