Our Process

We are following a multi-stage process to help Hawaiian Electric and technology providers create collaborative opportunities.

Hawaiian Electric will assess all submissions to ensure the idea meets our needs. Our work is focused on comparing submissions against each other and with our current knowledge base to find the right solutions. If a match is made, Hawaiian Electric and solution providers work together directly to reach a collaborative arrangement.

Innovation Process Steps

Innovation Process Steps

1. Identify Opportunities
Hawaiian Electric identifies innovation needs and interests. Submitters become familiar with innovation opportunities and submit ideas. Hawaiian Electric will assess submissions against each other to identify the innovative solutions that best fit our needs.

2. Qualify Opportunities
Hawaiian Electric will consult with submitters to better understand their ideas, determine the extent to which the submitter and idea meet our priority needs.

3. Connect with Company Representative
Hawaiian Electric consolidates feedback and, where there’s a match, connects submitters with Hawaiian Electric. Our industry experts also can help submitters refine a solution’s business case.

4. Partner
Hawaiian Electric and submitter(s) work together to develop scopes of work and collaborative engagements. The type of business arrangement that might result from a submission of interest could take a variety of forms, depending upon the specifics of the idea and both the submitter’s and Hawaiian Electric's needs.

5. Implement
Hawaiian Electric and submitter(s) work together to gain any approvals needed to deploy their project or partnership.