Pilot Projects Listings

The IPF process is described in the Pilot Process filed with the Commission on July 28, 2021. The Implementation Phase will include pilot proposals filed as Notice of Intents (NOIs). Not all pilot concepts will be cost effective or show positive business cases, as assessing cost effectiveness of a scaled-up solution may be a pilot project's primary objective. The Implementation Phase will also include the execution of approved pilot projects, and the review of those approved projects for the purpose of shared learning and possible expansion.

This status board tracks the progress of new and upcoming innovation pilot projects.

Pilot Projects

Pilot Title Status Start Date - Target End Date Actual/Total (thousands) NOI/Order/Slides
Charge Up eBus Make-Ready Active 5/7/21 - 12/31/25 $299k/$4,232k D&O No. 37769 (PDF)
Order No. 39131 (PDF)
EV-J and EV-P Tariff Active 12/30/21 - 12/31/27 $0k/$0k D&O No. 38157 (PDF)
Charge Up Commercial Make-Ready Active 1/24/22 - 12/31/25 $1,037k/$4,888k D&O No. 38194 (PDF)
Response to IRs 01-04 (PDF)
Response to IRs 05 (PDF)
Response to IRs 06-09 (PDF)
Order No. 40650 (PDF)
Data Analytics Clearinghouse Active 2/27/23 - 2/28/25 $1,645k/$2,758k D&O No. 38753 (PDF)
Response to IRs (PDF)
Slides (PDF)
Order No. 40648 (PDF)
EV Telematics Active 7/1/23 - 12/31/24 $216k/$822k D&O No. 39099 (PDF)
Response to IRs (PDF)
Slides (PDF)

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